Our Commitment To Our Environment
6 Ways The ForeverFold Is The Sustainable Leather Wallet:
6 Ways The ForeverFold Is 
The Sustainable Leather Wallet:
  • The ForeverFold is 100% leather with no plastic in the product or packaging.
  • 9 out of 10 leather wallets are tanned with chromium. AVFolds Origami Wallets™ uses only leathers tanned without toxic chemicals.
  • The ForeverFold is made from 100% renewable materials: ​vegetable tanned leather, beeswax and oils.
  • The ForeverFold is built for life. Carrying disposable wallets requires a string of animals skins which is unsustainable and unnecessary.
  • AVFolds Origami Wallets™ supports conscientiously harvested (hunted) leather sources over less ecologically considerate farmed leather sources.
  • AVFolds Origami Wallets is carbon neutral. We plant trees for every wallet we send into the World to offset the carbon emissions from fossil fuels used to make and ship AVFolds Origami Wallets.

The picture (above) shows how slim The AVFolds Card Carrier and The ForeverFold are (with a quarter for scale). 

Kangaroo Leather
Is The Ecologically
and Environmentally
Correct Choice:
Kangaroo Leather Is 
The Ecologically Correct Choice:
  • ​The harvest of wild Kangaroo leather is managed to provide a sustainable alternative to factory farming.
  • No habitat clearing, no fertilizers, no pesticides and no antibiotics are required to maintain a healthy mob of kangaroos.
  • ​​Unlike cows and sheep, kangaroos don’t produce dangerously unsustainable amounts of methane (a greenhouse gas). 
  • The strongest leather on the planet, for its weight, is kangaroo leather.
  • The AVFolds Card Carrier and
    The ForeverFold are shown here
    (with a quarter for scale)
  • Scroll down to see how both are folded from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather with no plastic stitching.
  • Scroll down to see how AVFolds Origami Wallets are folded from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather with no plastic stitching.
two Origami Wallet solutions, folded two different ways.
The perfect-sized bi-fold wallet for holding up to ten cards and ten bills, folded to last a lifetime. 
The perfect-sized wallet for keeping as slim a pocket profile as possible while holding up to 8 cards and 8 once-folded bills. 
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